We are professionals & leaders with international experience strongly connected to introduce Business Agility at scale

The beauty of methodologies are best for professional conversations, but tangible value jumps out when using them in the right context in real life situations.

What we do


Continuously upskill people to sustain a transformation roadmap


A new operative model designed for business agility through speed, responsiveness, flexibility, customer and value focus


Re-think current setup, designed to operate a stable business model into a product and purpose-driven network


Establish new CODE and cultural change to anchor a transformation within an organization

Lean Portfolio Management

Being able to invest the organisation talents and resources based on promised value contribution, incrementally gives potential to exponential learning and re-activeness

Management 3.0

Management 3.0 focuses on managerial competencies and mentality that help you lead your team to success in an agile environment

Organization Retro Workshop

By extending retrospective methods used by agile teams onto our organisation system level, we are able to create an ever-learning organization by empowering a type of culture that builds on feedback

Product Journey Bootcamp

During this Bootcamp we offer Value Owners (VO), Product Owners and business project managers with a business idea help in the journey of getting from having an idea to having a well-founded VP or project plan, based on a refined Business Model Canvas

NWOW Implementation Roadmap

When starting a scaled agile based digital transformation each company stands at a different milestone, in many cases with different purpose and ambition to change. We see it crucial to pick, combine and align the elements from which we look for tangible value


Delivery Planning Event

Delivery Planning Event (DPE) is a big-room-event where every colleague involved in delivering the current portfolio, is brought together to work out what tasks (User Stories) are needed to reach a Value Proposition’s (VP), project’s or initiative’s goals

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